Trauma Relief Workshop

Release Your Traumas and
Change Your Life

with Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, and Sue Beer

In This Pre-Recorded Workshop You Will Learn… 

  • The “mechanics” of trauma and how it gets stuck in our bodies 
  • How to identify the “freeze response” and how/why it stays “frozen” in our bodies 
  • How to discharge the freeze response with EFT/ Tapping 
  • How to “unpack” trauma w/ tapping protocols
  • The connection between trauma and addictions 
  • How trauma represents separation and how to come back into connection w/ ourselves & others 
  • How trauma forms our personality 
  • Why sexual and physical trauma are complicated yet entirely treatable 
  • How war traumas and PTSD need to be approached 
  • Why Energy Medicine “works” to rewire the brain in trauma treatment 
  • Methods of testing the trauma treatment to ensure long-term relief

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