Being Seen

Release the Blocks to Self-Expression and Recognition
We’re going to help you discover and release what blocks you and makes avoid Being Seen. We’ll be tapping together on the oh-so-many ways our primitive brain tries to keep us SAFE… sometimes to the point of not really living the Thriving Life we imagine. 

This is a powerful step and we’re here to support you in taking action.

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Our price is $47 and we know this course can activate so much confidence for you! 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If a gliding scale feels better to you, you can choose a price between $17 (to make it more affordable given your situation) and $67 (to pay-it-forward). 

This program is also included with our Emotional Freedom Circle Membership along with 8 other programs, our monthly Real Skills Workshops, group coaching calls... and more for just a one-time payment of $117! Choose that option below.

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